Wood pellets – Domo pellets - feel comfort to live INN!!

Our wood pellets are DIN plus and EN A1 certified pellets

Pellets became a staple in Europe’s energy sector and great replacement of environmentally harmful fossil fuels such as Oil, Gas, and Coal. People already appreciated both economical and ecological benefit using wood pellets and realized its sustainability. The performance of energy value and the ratio quality –price of wood fuel are evident.

As a biomass fuel, wood pellets produce low CO2 when burnt and are recognized as number one between eco-friendly fuels.

Wood pellets are produced through pressing the contents together, without any kind of binder. The raw material used in pellets mill is bark free soft wood, sawdust and chips, as well dry sawdust from timber industry.

As well as a fuel, wood pellets are widely used for horse bedding for a hygienic and absorbent alternative to straw.